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Getting t-shirts for your school/ college batch just got a whole lot simpler! You can get these made for yourself and your friends in three simple ways.

  1. Single T-Shirt Order: If you want just a single t-shirt made, with your school/ college logo, or some fun text/ slogan, look no further. Just drop us an email on and we'll take it from there
  2. Bulk Order: It’s your last year of college and you’re getting all nostalgic. Festival time and everyone’s pumped to volunteer. Re-union coming up with your school buddies. Your friend came back to India flaunting his university hoodie.
    The reasons may be many, the solution is one. We can customise t-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, and pretty much everything for you guys. Just drop us an email to with what you have in mind, and we’ll sort you out.
  3. Online Store For Your School/ College: How cool would it be for all students and ex-students, if there was a one-stop online shop for your school/ college, where you can get its merchandise? What’s even better, the school/ college gets paid royalty on every purchase, and helps you give back to your alma mater. We’ll handle designing, manufacturing, marketing, investment, operations, customer care etc. All the school/ college needs to do is tell people where to buy all these awesome products!

If you’d like to have your school/ college featured on our site, get in touch with us at We’ll send you the proposal that you need to get signed from your principal.