Bulk/ Custom Orders

Want to make your friend’s birthday, bachelor/ette party or farewell bash fun and memorable for years to come? Or do you want to throw a theme party because you feel happy and just want to share it? If parties are not your thing and you just want to blow up a classic picture of your mom and dad for their anniversary or give a friend a personalized gift or just be selfish and design a motto you swear by. Send us your kinky designs and we'll sort it out for you.
You're not a legit college/music festival if you don't make your festival t-shirts, festival posters or badges. We know how great it feels to wear that event t-shirt and be a part of the celebration and to remember it for years to come. Not to mention, making the sponsors happy. We have the wit and talent that can help you come up with some head-turning ideas sure to keep you ahead in the festival race.
Your employees are valuable to you and we understand that. We can help you make some customized products for each of your employees or just t-shirts with your brand name. After all, you need t-shirts to remind your employees why they should stay with you. A recent research showed, happy surroundings keep employees happy. We can help you do just that by filling those boring office walls up with some cool art prints or inspirational sayings. If that’s not your thing, we are always here to come up with some funny posters. We do bulk as well as personalized (we hate leaving anyone out). You can either send us your design or get it designed by us.
We feel there's always a reason to make a personalized product. Whether you’re an NGO, yoga class, sport club, movie club, book club, cycling club, adventure club, music bands or any other type of organisation you might be, we're here to help. It’s the small gestures that help create that feeling of oneness and get people together.

You can mail us at with your design and the product you want it on. We also have an in-house design team to help you in any way possible.