Faqs for Artists

I want my art to go on your products. How do I go about this?

We accept digital art in vector format so we can re-size it and place it on appropriate products (framed art prints, posters, t-shirts etc.). The accepted file extensions are .ai, .psd, .eps, .jpg, .pdf.

What if my art isn’t in digital form but I still want it to go on products?

If your artwork isn’t in digital form, you can take a photo or scan the image. Get the help of that photographer friend of yours. He/ she will be able to guide you with the lighting, centering, and stuff. The final print of your work will depend on the photograph or scanned image.

How do I promote my artwork?

Tell people! Get the word out, share your work on Facebook and Instagram, Tweet about it, and Pin it. We will also regularly promote any new design you come up with on our social media channels. You can also share individual products on your social media channels, using the buttons provided next to each product.

Can I sell these designs on other sites as well? Or will be the designs be exclusive to The Souled Store?

Your designs, your babies. You have complete freedom to sell your artwork on any other platform/ channel. However, if the theme/ concept for the design has been provided by us, and you’ve created art around that idea, then sale of those designs shall be restricted to The Souled Store.

What is the royalty rate?

The royalty rate varies from 10% to 20%, based on the product. The product-wise royalty will be mentioned in the artist agreement we send across to you.